Consultations & Workshops for One

Using highly developed consciousness capabilities and as a former  psychotherapist, Amber brings you her best intuitive insight and supportive techniques to help guide you to create daily consciousness routines that support your well-being.

(You can also find me on Face Book at The Suburban Lightworker)

Your Awakening, Your Way Consultation

This consultation time is the perfect option for you as you continue opening to new consciousness themes in your personal life. This consultation time is dedicated to any aspect of your deepening conscious awareness. In this time, you will be encouraged to express and explore spirituality and belief related themes that have been coming up for you lately for review, insight, recovery, and renewal.

The Daily Practice: Creating Space for Inner Life 

This time together helps you identify and develop a daily practice centered on mindful, spiritual, or consciousness well-being practices that align best with your value system, beliefs, and viewpoint through the lens of self-care.

Bringing Your Heart to Work

This time together assists any professional in any job or industry to identify and express heart-centered work-life values inclusive of purpose, meaning, belonging, and connection. Focusing on these human-centric attributes, you will bring your working life into better alignment with your personal life in order to increase a sense of ease and flow.

Practicing Mindfulness at Work

This time together helps the professional in any job or industry to identify, build, and begin mindful well-being practices. These practices can include but are not limited to self-responsible daily intention-setting, establishing and reaffirming boundaries, aligning beliefs and values, and setting realistic limits on self and others within the professional working life context.

Identifying Your Talent Signature Consultation

As a human being, you have a unique set of attributes and your work life is the perfect place to express them. This workshop helps you better identify and express your most cherished personal attributes at work.

For daytime or evening appointments, please call (571) 969-6904 or email Amber at

(Workshops-for-One are available to you via phone or via Skype. They are 1.5hr/165.00 for personal teaching and practice. Payable on PayPal.)

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