‘Healing Conversations for Everyday Living’  with Amber Chamberlain

 ‘Practical spiritual, consciousness & energy-based consultations for insight, growth & wellbeing’

As an intuitive healer and former psychotherapist, working with Amber will give you new insights to help you navigate and integrate the intense dynamics of modern everyday life. Her work assists you to grow in spiritual awareness and practice in support of your personal and/or professional wellbeing. The concepts and practices provided reflect ancient esoteric wisdom as well as consciousness and contemporary spirit science approaches.

During sessions you will be able to bring any topic of concern or interest and expect to have new insights and ideas provided to you. As an intuitive, Amber is able to access information about you and your subject matter that can give more information and feedback with which you can make decisions and plans that best suit your life mission and personal wellbeing.

(You can also find me on Face Book at The Suburban Lightworker)

For appointments, please call 571-969-6904 or email Amber at

Fee: 165.00/hr

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