An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

An Example of Multidimensional Teaching

Me: Ok, I’m blown away by my recent experience at the physics fair. Why did this happen for me?

Anthor: Because, Amber, you are to learn and understand what is being shown to you such that you can teach others. You are a good student.


I’m going to tell you about an event that happened to me a few days ago. What I am going to tell you is not the first time this has occurred in this manner. I’m finally understanding it will not be the last either.

I know this because I am a consciousness teacher. What that means is that I am being prompted to write and teach at this time in my life on highly and sometimes surprising esoteric occurrences.

It is made clear to me that my job at this phase of planetary ascension is to share my experiences with you. I am to also attempt to put them in a framework from which you can then go away and be inspired to do some research of your own.

I give this preamble in this case because I am going to give you a perfect example for how multidimensional consciousness operates when it engages an embodied soul. Me. In my case, I’ve been an awake and aware human for decades. Only in the last five years this has been, as we say, ‘on steroids’.

I’ve been a Mystery School student and am what is referred to as a Service to Others soul. You are too. To restate what you already or are beginning to understand, the planet Earth, our home planet, Gaia, is shifting herself into a higher octave (consciousness) of existence.

She is finished exploring herself within the third dimensional plane and all of its associated energetic limits. And for the first time in the history of the human species, people are staying on the planet and going with her.

For you this means a personal, cultural and systemic paradigm shift is upon us. We are moving away from exploring a life of Service to Self/Power over Others to one that is based in Service to Others. More and more humans are waking up to this Truth in themselves. They are healing from the predominant programs associated with Service to Self/Power over Others and shifting into this paradigm over time.

We refer to this shift in many ways, but for our purposes this is a shift into Unity and Christ Consciousness. Yes, there have been other times and places upon the earth when Gaia hosted humans who were versed in this very esoteric knowledge and skill. They are the civilizations that encompass Ancient Egypt, Mayans, Incas, Atlantis and Lemuria, for example.

Remember Phase pablo

More and more of us are going deeper into this awakening phase, it is now becoming more of a remembering phase for those of us who have been in varying awakened states for some time. We are the forerunners.

We are remembering why we came and what else we need to rediscover in order to help the process along for humanity. Gaia needs no such assistance in Reality. She’s done this over and over again. For her it is simply time again.

To this end, many highly awake and aware souls are gaining ground in human consciousness capabilities not seen on Earth in thousands of years. The third dimensional Earth, post Atlantis & Lemuria, for example, was removed from these capabilities as they were not necessary for this dimensional experience.

In fact, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ planes of existence or consciousness. There is only experience within the range of light’s vibratory energy. Each frequency station, so to speak, has its own qualities and requirements to be engaged and explored.

In the third dimensional existence, alchemy and understanding of Cosmic Laws to include sacred geometry, quantum mechanics, Unity Consciousness and other free energy tools to include energy healing modalities were not to be explored wholesale. Some humans historically did so but the larger population did not. Instead we were to explore within the limits of the human mind, ego, and experience of perceived separation from Source.

Humans were to experience a sense of deep isolation one from another within a container of fraught relationships, intense work lives and shorter life spans due to largely unabated disease and live mostly devoid of a conscious connection to nature and any other existing dimensional realms as a species. We have been and are doing so with gusto today as we have for thousands of years to this point.

Thanks to a series of cosmological and long prophesied events, we are now cycling out of this experience. Now we are learning about children who innately understand crystal energy and naturally decry the condition in which they find humanity.

As adults we are experiencing increased clair-sensory awareness and a return to the natural world for support and comfort. We are engaging our Higher Selves, Guides and Light Councils by every name and nature. We even hear from people deep in hypnosis about what is happening to humans and the future of our planet.

We are also beginning to hear from more highly sensitive humans- empaths, intuitives, healers of all kinds, light & gridworkers, etc, that their own capabilities to engage quantum-type consciousness are notching up.

They are understanding existence more clearly via a multidimensional viewpoint. They have more to tell us, much of it channelled, about what is going on in the largely unseen world that is impacting them personally and the world as a whole.

Here is just one such example I am having at times over the last number of years, in particular, since the 2012 Unity Consciousness energy trigger. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a physics fair at a prestigious American university. They have this fair every year as part of a springtime celebration school-wide. I attend mostly because I like to take my youngster with my family.

During this time I wandered around the various physics demonstrations available. By myself at this point, I was interested to attend a demo advertising ‘sound’. I could hear a very loud and high tone coming from the room. So I walked in and was promptly handed ear plugs. I watched a glass being broken by sound waves. Cool.

As I wondered why I was hanging around this demonstration room with a smattering of physics students milling about, one of them caught my attention. He wanted to show me two projects. Both of them taught me how to see the effect of sound waves on matter.

In the second instance the student poured sand over a smooth surface and applied a low frequency sound wave I could not hear. I watched with partial boredom as the colored sand moved itself into an x and y axis first. Then saw how more sand moved around the axes to create geometrical curves forming into a wavy looking circle encompassing the x and y axes. Pretty. Still boring.

That night at home, having completely forgotten about that experience, I settled into bedtime reading which I do every evening. At this point the book on ancient quantum energetics is teaching me about two number sequences, the Fibonacci sequence and the Binary sequence.  It is also telling me about the female/male polarity that the two sequences represent. The writer proposes that they represent mother/father too. Goddess/God.

The writer shows me this via what is called an elementary school-level Polar Graph. Without getting into more detail that would take too long to describe in this blog post, what the author then gave me was a description of how circles all have lines associated with them.

Circles are considered ‘female’ and lines are considered ‘male’. To illustrate his point he went on to describe the very same experiment I had just seen six hours earlier at the physics fair. Literally the SAME experiment. I squealed out loud “whoa this is SO weird”. I was apparently supposed to get this understanding firmly in place for myself.

You see, our Kind is being led. We are being prepared. We are being shown. Step by step revelations about who we are, where we come from and what is at work ‘behind the scenes’. As a forerunner my job and yours is to follow the breadcrumbs. To simply yield to, and where possible, fall madly in love with synchronicities like this.

Then we are to share them. These are stories that teach us. They inspire us to ask “what just happened here and why me?”. I’ve learned over and over again that learning to listen to, better yet, ask questions of our Inner Guidance, leads us to amazing experiences and Knowledge.

I hope my reporting on my recent multidimensional engagement rings a bell for you such that you start to wonder more deeply about who you are and what you are here to do with the life you have this go ’round.

Always written with love, Amber


Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

Multidimensional Living: The Intense Drive to Emerge as a Teacher

 I literally feel driven to share what I understand about consciousness. While I have had this drive simmering since childhood and shoved it sensibly and quietly into an accepted conventional education and career, I have been hit with an intensified level of urgency since 2012. In earth years that’s a long time to have something weighing on a person.

This drive has colored my daily life for so long I can hardly recall how I spent my time before it did so. It is almost all I want to talk about to anyone who will engage me. If I’m not careful I find myself weaving consciousness themes  into the most mundane conversations. Frankly, I’ve lost friends over this. Can you relate?

What has me and yes, many of you, so laser focused lately?  Thanks in no small part to the changes in our earth and atmosphere commonly referred to as Ascension in Consciousness, a smaller subset of the whole of our Collective, which itself is still quite small, is driven to boldly and lovingly support human beings to realize that their lives belong to them.


We want to show and teach others that by learning and practicing a set of fundamental esoteric consciousness principals, they can go on to affect their lives in extraordinary ways. In my case, I am a Service-to-Other being who is driven to teach to this very condition.

My guess is that you are going to identify with what I am writing as many of my readers are also discovering their own mission as healer, wayshower, lightworker, etc. Many of you are also gnashing your teeth over how to angle yourselves into this arena such that the good news and works can be shared. You are seeking new formats and forums and assessing the lay of the land for what, how and where you will teach.

As I will readily attest, our own personal work, especially since the 2012 energetic trigger has been arduous to say the least. You don’t come to earth for this very moment unless you are particularly capable of assisting in these tumultuous times. To be able to assist, you will have had many incarnations of tumult and experience from which to then teach. Old souls indeed.

We are shifting ourselves into this mission on many Paths via raised vibratory states, collapsed timeline Selves, released karmic conditions, and master level manifestation capabilities. We are growing in our understanding (remembrance) of sacred geometry and quantum energy and its mechanics. Holographic, matrixed, blueprinted knowledge now arises.

We are seeking an expression in this life that will allow us to teach the many consciousness related themes that have changed and improved our lives for the better. Indeed, we have awakened so sufficiently to our consciousness themes by many narratives that we have the sense we have no other choice but to find a way to share the information. This is the Unity Consciousness imperative woven brightly into our DNA today.

This blog post came to mind after a recent client session in which I saw mirrored back to me the same drive for the same purpose. He said almost verbatim what I have thought about daily. Humans can have better lives individually and then societally than they do. In order to do so, however, they are going to have to discover, recover and then practice some fundamentals of existence that are for most human beings, best kept secrets.

We are the Teachers. The time has come for the revelation of truths and for full disclosure about who we are as humans and who we have always been by design. Once the fissure in the psyche begins to open and the human heart engages, there is no turning back. You will, as I have been, moved along by forces you will come to know and respect. You will be, as I am, honored to take up the mantle and become a teacher. We welcome you.

Much love, Amber

Practical Multidimensional Living: Quantum Entanglement & You

Practical Multidimensional Living: Quantum Entanglement & You

OK. I struggled with the title on this one. I mean, just what is practical about quantum entanglement? To me, this sounds a lot like a very bad hair day.  What audacity I must have to even approach this deep science subject, right? In this case the content was brought to my attention two weeks ago by Ehtu, my very technologically minded Sirian Council member.

At that same time, Anthor (Agarthan), my best technical teacher recommended I take a look at something relevant about the subject in order to trigger my understanding. He advised me not to worry, he would direct me to the right reading assuring me that I’d understand what I needed to for the purpose of writing about it here.  I sure hoped so. Gulp.

Here is the conversation I had with my Light Council about this topic this morning after I looked at the material to which I was directed. In fact, it was a Forbes Science article from 2016. While I’ve been personally sorting out technical quantum mechanics for a while now,  I needed this chat to reassure me that there was a good reason to write this one up. As usual, when something needs to be handled in a straightforward, sensible way, Aga, Pleaidian, often gets the job.

Me: I was asked to look at material on quantum entanglement. Why?

Aga: You are specifically encoded to understand these principles.

Me: But these subjects are already out there among the population. Why me, why now?

Aga: Because you have a way of communicating on complex and challenging subjects that is more readily received by your broader consciousness students. More and more humans are now ready to reflect on this type of content. They are primed now.

Me: What is it that you really want people to know about this (quantum entanglement) content?

Aga: We hope to trigger imagination in souls. To wake them up out of programs that have taught them limits that simply do not exist. Your language and writing is highly encoded with light language that creates a resonance which disrupts old programs such as  these.

The above gives you an idea about how I work with my Council from day to day. I engage them over personal perspectives as well as where I am headed as a consciousness teacher. You can see that things get interesting for me on a routine basis. Now onto the topic of discussion.

So I did what I always do. I just googled ‘quantum entanglement’. Not ‘spirituality and quantum entanglement’ or ‘quantum entanglement mysticism’, or ‘fringy ideas on quantum entanglement’, etc. To do so would be to fall down a rabbit hole from which it would be hard to return!

Of the many results that popped up, I chose the second or so item enticed by the title. The article Anthor directed me to is written by Chad Orzel in Forbes Science last year (2016). The Real Reasons Quantum Entanglement Doesn’t Allow Faster-Than-Light Communication.  There in his article he responded to some feedback he had to another article written recently by a colleague in the quantum physics field, Ethan Siegel, about the use of quantum entanglement as a “faster than light” communication tool.

According to Orzel, Siegel suggested that pairs of particles across two people (Bob & Alice), no matter their distance from each other, could communicate via the activity of quantum entanglement. Both articles provide greatly reduced mathematics for this approach, for the actual components are exceedingly complex. Apparently this prompted a reader to ask Siegel, given the math and measurement, “could this (process) be used to communicate from a distant star system. (BINGO) to which Siegel responded “yes, if you consider making a measurement at a distant location a form of communication.” He went on to say more about this function as it is of particular interest to the field of extrasensory perception (ESP). Now I’m paying attention.

But Orzel, in his own response to Siegel’s agreement about communicating with star systems or Bob & Alice’s distance from each other, “you can’t do that”. Why? “Because entanglement only works if you ask a particle ‘what state are you in’? And to force it into a state (in order to align for communication) breaks the entanglement.” He goes on about all the ways entanglement can purposely be broken. He even mentions that he’s heard of the “woo-woo mystical processes to ask a particle about its state in order to make a match with the other person’s” etc. It was clear by the use of the words ‘woo-woo’ how he observed this absurdity.

Then I saw it. I ran right into Orzel’s own personally programmed error. And it is a huge one in science today too. “God plays dice with the universe” such that “results of quantum measurement (are) unavoidably random.” Now I know why Aga said that consciousness students today, particularly moderately advanced ones, of which this community is growing quickly in numbers, will spot the error and begin to come to VASTLY differing conclusions.


You see, once you begin to explore yourself more deeply, especially when you begin experimenting with the notions of sacred geometry, chakras, dimensions, matrices, and merkabahs, frequency, magnetics, resonance and the like, the World opens up to you in very surprising ways. The narrative is here is that your entire being is shifting at a subatomic level which now calls your attention to subjects just like this one. Something that seems as once too fixed and complex, yet, when explored in the ways I just mentioned, appear to be simply elegant and more than feasible.

Happy exploring. What will come over the years is so much more understanding about quantum entanglement and associated energetic tools and functions. While mysticism oriented books have already been written on these topics, it is only now that humans across the planet are beginning to make their own inquiries and investigations. Just like me.

Always written with love, Amber


My Multidimensional Story: My work life before the 2012 trigger

My Multidimensional Story: My work life before the 2012 trigger

The truth is that I’m still getting comfortable telling my story. I hover near to introvert but have enough pluck to catapult me up and over that line to write about this. Doing this type of personal disclosure is very unusual for me given years of experience keeping my childhood awareness and subsequent ‘New Age’ themes mostly to myself.  I had a few friends over the years and paid teachers across time with which to compare notes and grow, but mostly us esoterically inclined, highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic types keep our experiences to ourselves. This is true especially if you are someone who goes out into the world of living and work in a conventional way, as I did. The time for isolation in this regard is coming to an end in the years ahead. In fact, it has already begun.

Multidimensional awareness is coming for you too. It’s not a matter of if, but when. All humans are rising in conscious awareness on earth. All at variable rates. If you are reading this item, you, like me, already have a fairly solid baseline for consciousness that exceeds most humans on earth. That is just fact. And I know that the changes taking place are assisting you to leave older routines, relationships, and workstyles behind too. Take heart, there are more of us than ever doing the very same thing. It was predicted by many traditions across eons that we would arrive here together in this unity consciousness now expanding.

I smile as I tell you that you are not just reading this for pleasure. Who would read this, or write this for that matter, for only human pleasure? You are reading this because you are a seeker, a mystic, a mystery school student or aware soul by any name or tradition. You already know this on some level or outright. And you know you are growing. You are reading this because you are one of us. The consciousness collective. All humans on earth are, but most simply are unaware.

pablo (78)

At this time my mission in these posts is to help you see yourself by showing you my path. Surprising to me, my guides tell me, exposing my years on an awakening path will be somehow helpful to you. Maybe prompt you in some way. In my story as with others who will tell theirs, I am told, are keys, sometimes called vibratory light codes, that trigger a deepening response in you. This is the story of unity consciousness in a nutshell. All of us souls quietly growing and awakening first individually and then coming together in different ways in groups that work together in all kinds of ways. At very first unity consciousness is individually located within. Once you have engaged it, awaken to it and anchored it in yourself you will then shine it out like a beacon to others. Then the process begins for them too. The exquisite beauty is that you don’t have to say or write a word to do that. In truth, you are already doing this to a large degree. I’m just inviting you further along.

I’ve shared in prior posts about my arrival to my known multidimensional consciousness replete with a unity and christ consciousness mission to teach what I know. I mostly teach now both the background surrounding our human ascension in consciousness story, from many paths, as well as how to access these themes for yourself for the first time or more deeply. My students tend to be on the more experienced side of these subjects as they’ve been longtime aware or providing some form of healing arts to clients themselves, for example intuitives, reiki providers, healing touch practitioners, meditation and mindfulness teachers or spiritual life coaches, etc. They will over time, and already have begun to include people like me, those who went into conventional healing arts and human services but feel the call to deeper service only found in the energetic consciousness life given what that level of awareness provides relative to service capability to others.

These consciousness-type individuals, like me, have had and are going to continue to have a significant uptick in awareness and skill and need someone, at various times, with whom to integrate what has been occurring for them in a way that is practical and comfortable. A search on the internet, when you enter ‘ascension in consciousness’, for better understanding about what has been occurring, can be fairly jarring in content, language, and images depending on the narrative within which the experiences are couched. Some of it can be extreme and intense which is challenging when your new skills and awarenesses are already causing you internal puzzlement and sometimes outright distress.

To continue helping you see yourself, and help you understand more about how to navigate what is going on with you, I thought you’d like to know who I was in the conventional world before the ascension in consciousness energies of 2012, in particular, took firm hold of me and delivered me here with you today. I wrote in a prior post about what happened to me in 2012. But here is who I was out in the world before that long anticipated consciousness trigger happened. It’s worth noting that in the year 2012 I was not paying much attention to what was anticipated to occur for people in this way. Even as a very aware soul, I did not even know the term ‘ascension’ as it is applied to consciousness rising. I was busy doing other things.

As a moderately successful licensed mental health provider with a post graduate degree and healthcare business professional managing national commercial and Department of Defense contracts worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year, I  prided myself on being peaceful, grounded and loving inside my hospital then corporate work communities. I made it my mission to be thoughtful, inspiring and judicious– to treat human beings with kindness. What I can tell you is that from the beginning of my almost thirty year career I saw people turning themselves inside out in order to accommodate the American professional working life. And in doing so, they had many losses in health and wellbeing, the likes of which you are likely yourself to be very experienced or at least familiar.

Living mostly in metro areas, I experienced and witnessed long commutes, harried business travel, intense professional workload expectations and challenging work relationships with very little perceived or expressed satisfaction or enjoyment to show for it.  Because I often liked the projects and people with whom I served in work, I kept my chin up, as we say in the US,  in order to continue in those settings, often having what could be called an unusual level of positivity, sometimes natural and sometimes manufactured for survival. As a highly empathic and intuitive person, seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt around me, I simply did not know how else to do it.

My mid-senior career path, after years of flowing well enough, caught the current of events stemming in large part from a 2008 downturn in the American economy coupled with a longer business capture cycle in my  defense contractor industry. This meant that my latest company’s access to profitable business slowed down significantly. Which seemed to work out well enough since my own ability to participate within this rapidly changing and stressed business environment dwindled along with it.

Eventually this series of events ended in a layoff for me that took me into the 2012 energies quite effectively. You can read more about my experience that year relative to ascension in consciousness symptoms in a prior blog post. From that year forward, even though I still participate in business and industry work to this day, I’ve centered more and more deeply on my own conscious awareness and emergence as a teacher. The call to this mission has only gotten louder and more insistent. In keeping with my fidelity to the workplace and the talented humans that serve it, part of the industry work I do is centered on teaching work life wellbeing. In fact I have a book coming out soon entitled ‘Working Well & Feeling Good: Mindful Affirmations for the Work Life‘ from MasterKey Press. It will be available at the end of summer 2017 on all the usual outlets.

I’m hoping that by showing you how just one person, me, has been growing in this timeframe, you will see yourself a bit more clearly and understand what is happening to you from the inside. What I can assure you is that you are shedding outmoded beliefs (programming) quickly because you are becoming more of who you truly are on the inside of you. We all are. You will or have begun to notice that you are paying less attention to what the world tells you to be and are getting more in tune with who you wish to be and how you wish to live with yourself and others during your years on earth.

My work, as is that of many established teachers, is available to you should you too need assistance integrating the changes you are experiencing as we move through these powerful gateways to our expanding consciousness. Yes. You came to earth for this very moment. I’m glad you did.

Much love, Amber

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