Esoteric Services, Money & You

Esoteric Services, Money & You

Everything you will ever want to learn, experience or explore with regard to esoteric knowledge is within you. That is plain human fact. All you need to do is make yourself free to remember it. It takes no other person nor any amount of money to do so.

Increased awakening to the fundamentals and more of consciousness and putting these principles into action in your daily life is a choice. It is a choice that is made individually over and over again. It is one that requires daily attention, often at smaller moments across each day. Because you are human, it ebbs and flows as with all life cycles. It is a practice.

When you make this choice and commit to it, you come to understand that you are cultivating sovereign living. Sovereign living is a way of viewing, approaching and interacting in life such that every aspect of life is your responsibility. Therein lies the freedom. You come to be crystal clear that there is no entity that has true power over you.

Sovereign living can only be established when you understand and maintain that when you have pain and suffering, it is because your soul is choosing to explore this as part of your human experience. When you have joy and success it is for the same reason. Coming to terms with those statements is a process in and of itself. It can take years to integrate this understanding or happen in moments. In this way of living you are doing so as Source, from Source and of Source.

Esoteric Knowledge Within You

While you have a soul blueprint in this and every lifetime, taking this level of responsibility for yourself allows you to explore experiences, events, teachers and engagements freely. As you seek to grow you look for options to do so. While these explorations can come freely others come with a money exchange.

As an aware child and young adult I always enjoyed exploring my own consciousness via healing arts and esoteric spiritual learning. I have done much of this on my own and a good portion using fee-based healers and teachers since I was about twenty five years old. All of this, inclusive of a conventional advanced education and health care career, has fulminated in my current work as an esoteric teacher today. As part of my sovereign self-care and commitment to my field, I will always be a consumer of fee-based healing services and esoteric education.

It is true that all you need to know about consciousness is within you. With each lifetime you come with more knowledge and understanding given your experience. It’s really a matter of awakening in this lifetime to your remembrance of your lifetimes of experience. Given the position we are in now on earth in our planetary cycle, the Age of Aquarius, the conditions in the ethers and on the planet today are assisting humanity like no other time in modern history to grow and evolve in this endeavor.

There are as many spirituality, consciousness, esoteric healers, teachers, products and business options to consume as there are narratives and methodologies. Some are truer to the reality of conscious design than others. At this time in human consciousness evolution there are every kind of experience to be had for a fee.  What you can’t forget is your personal responsibility— your sovereign right to choose thoughtfully and explore freely.

For me, I’ve purchased teaching, events and experiences that have been wildly supportive for me and I’ve had a few that were moderately interesting. I’ve had only a couple that were not particularly beneficial too. In each case, I made the choice to explore them. I learned more about myself in all cases. It may help you to know that when I decide I’d like human help to investigate an interest, I do inner work to ‘invite’ the highest best situation. I intend to make the best connection with the ‘right’ resource for my learning.

I have learned that sometimes what my highest best means will result in a life lesson. Sometimes I’ve needed to moderate my expectations, become better at discernment, or to question what I was provided. Other times I’ve been blown away with the depth of my experience and the scaffolding that opened up for me internally from just some small portion of the work.

What I can do is caution you to be very thoughtful about purchasing any work that promises you ‘if you do these things, this will happen’ or ‘if you have this experience, you will have this kind of outcome’ or ‘if you work with me, your life will get better’, or ‘if you buy this product you will manifest x faster’ etc. Those promises do not align with the reality of consciousness.

It is also helpful to know that yes, there are parts of the planet’s energy system that hold aspects of energies that can assist you to gain more insight and awareness in various ways specific to that location. We do tend to refer to these as natural ancient portals or energy centers, some naturally exist and some remain from ancient societies.

What they are NOT is places to quicken personal ego-associated achievements or manifestation machines. It is also a fact that you can call those energies into your own awareness right from your living room sofa. Once you spend time teaching yourself how this is done.

Some of the less than helpful work is proffered by well-meaning healers and teachers that more often unwittingly and more rarely intentionally mislead others. No one comes out very well in these instances unless you are needing a lesson in exploring this aspect of the human path.

It is wise to understand that consciousness triggers and activations are a normal part of human life. They are divinely timed just for your soul’s experience. While they don’t all occur within the context of human relationship, you can feel led to various types of people and experiences that then trigger or activate an aspect of your many layers of awareness. And yes, other humans tend to play a huge role in our own growth. Some of them in direct interaction and some of them just by knowing, seeing and experiencing them in a variety of settings going about their own lives.

Awakening in consciousness is a divine birthright, not a product for purchase.  Therefore treat yourself and the process with deep love and respect. Read what inspires you, write your deepest thoughts and feelings, pay attention to nature and its beauty. Talk to your friends and loved ones about your innermost experiences and allow your life to shift and grow. Most of all, trust yourself implicitly.

Always with my love, Amber





Multidimensional Life: Portals, Dimensions & You

Multidimensional Life: Portals, Dimensions & You

“Here is the point of it all Amber. Your community is coming to understand portals and dimensions for the first time as a larger collective, yes. But what is most important is NOT the nature of these relative to consciousness, but the function of these.”– Alantiria

The above quote reflects what Alantiria advised me earlier in the week. For those who do not know, she is one of the beings in my personal Council. Alantiria is responding to my continued exploration into HOW to communicate, as a New Earth teacher, my own understanding about what appears to be very esoteric and unusual experiential territory for a growing number of awakening humans.

There is simply more conversation and experience with dimensionality, portals, and connections between them than there has ever been in this human collective. Though you can find written content from many narratives conveyed across thousands of years, the internet and specifically Facebook have become an aggregator for this subject and it’s community.

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What Alantiria wanted to help me consider is how to give a beginner’s explanation for what is a dimension and what is a portal. It seemed important that I give you some fundamental method for contextualizing these terms that help us do away with highly stylized otherworldly stories, that while enjoyable, don’t help us engage the experience in a functional living way. Historically, the ‘portals and dimensions’ discussions were held among science fiction and/or extra terrestrial interested communities, not, as we are seeing now, among the broader awakening/consciousness community.

It was my own surprise in the last year to find myself in a subset of just such a community. These people are lightworkers, grid workers, and other highly intuitive, clair-senses attuned souls who had, like myself, long perceived or recently began perceiving energetic conditions exceeding the third and fourth dimensions which then led to multi-dimensional access, experience and interaction. While our community cultivated relationships with other realms, we did not as a larger group spend much time giving thought or writing/teaching to dimensionality and portals in and of themselves. Our work was usually targeted at healing or engaging karmic timeline information, etc.

Given the spirituality community’s understanding of planetary ascension, which is best commonly expressed as a shift in human consciousness, it makes sense that dimensions, portals and other constructs have more commonly come into play. ‘Ascension’ gives the impression of ‘rising’ in our human language. And in this case, it is said that the planet and her inhabitants are ascending to the fifth dimensional plane of existence. And how do we get there? Well, this is where the story of portals or even ‘zero points’ becomes of interest. For today’s purpose I’ll reserve writing on zero points for another post.

At its most basic, this ascension process would appear to necessitate some type of movement: from here to there. While I understand this expression to be inexact, we are limited to linear constructs given our brain’s current dominant program design. So, it is easy to imagine that our planet and her inhabitants are going somewhere and doing so by some method.

Here is what I’d like you to consider about dimensions from a consciousness perspective. Dimensions are commonly thought of as layers. They are often represented numerically, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and beyond to infinity. They are also referred to as planes of existence. In most cases, because of our linear brains, we tend to see them as one on top of the other. Kind of like a cosmological cake. They aren’t.

You would be better served to imagine them (best to feel them) wrapped around your own energy system, the Earth’s too, and then around the entire multi-verse. In each dimension, as in each room of your own home you can consciously engage in differing experiences. For example, at home I wash dishes and cook in my kitchen. I sleep, dream and dress in my bedroom. And I write blog posts and pay bills in my office. This is key: I have access to all the rooms all of the time. In fact, my house is a great representation for who I am in the third dimension.

Because of the fixed numbering system typically used when describing dimensions, it gives the impression of going higher and higher. They do not do so.  They are better conceived as ‘densities’. And even better clarity, dimensions are light densities, that is, how much light (atomic particle energy) can be absorbed or participate in the structure of the plane.

Stretching you now, perhaps you will then begin to see dimensions as matrixed, or as matrices. You are likely now coming to understand why it is best to think of consciousness as mathematical, particularly physics. You may even begin to see all kinds of geometrical shapes moving and connecting to one another. Are you still with me?

Good. If you are still here, you are letting your imagination kick in. Before you tire of this all together, here is my basic description of portals. In our human walk, an elevator is a portal. I get in a structure built by someone else and it takes me somewhere, often to the floor above or floor below. An escalator does this too. As does the moving floor at the airport, connecting me to terminals A, B and C in order to catch a plane. And if I am a good handyman at home, I can build my own stairway into my attic to make it easier to access.

Grossly understated, portals are structures built to move us from one place to the next. Our nervous system and brain is loaded with them. Synapses and receptor sites are engaged when electrical current energy (stimuli) moves through us to trigger desired experiences and actions. Memories, body movement and emotions are all engaged in this method. For another example of portals, we move from room to room  in our homes by way of openings and doorways to engage within those spaces for specific reasons. Those reasons (anti-matter) are not made manifest (matter) until we are in them. In these examples of ‘portals’ we access or connect with them in order to manifest something out of something else.

Now that I’ve given third dimensional uses of the portal concept, let’s apply it to consciousness. What you can begin to imagine is that portals relative to consciousness are connectivity structures not unlike synapses and receptor sites or doorways and elevators. They are built or designed for the purpose of transition. In plain human language, transition from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Although this is a linear understanding for a non-linear condition. Portals are better understood as functional access tools.

While is is mighty fun to read about and imagine magnificent openings, tears, wormholes, or vast glittering staircases, it is more grounded perhaps to imagine them as functional accessibility structures that allow you to consciously engage consciousness related experiences. And for the purpose of today’s blog: engage consciousness experiences and newer understanding about who you are as a soul having a third dimensional life as a human being in form who has access to all dimensions at all times efficiently accessed by portal structures. Wow.

There is so much more I could say about this subject, but what was important when Alantiria and I connected on this matter was that I make an effort to write about dimensions and portals in a functional way versus lyrical and mystical narrative. The time has come here in the bottom of the fifth dimension, where you are as you read this from me, that we all take baby steps as we grow our understanding for who we now are and of which we are now becoming quite capable. Disclosure begins with you first.

I’ve had a good time wrestling with this post today. I hope my writing triggers more investigation on your end. I’ve chuckled more than once while attempting to take concepts that I feel-see via clairsentience and try to place them into linear third dimensional context. Not easy. At all. — Much love, Amber