‘Love Letters from Alantiria’ & ‘Quantum Energy’ Teaching Videos

Amber Chamberlain, Consciousness Teacher on YouTube

“The following  are two new video series. They are both intended to reach the newly awakening and the established healing and lightworking communities in order to support and sustain our Ascending Collective here on Earth.” — Amber 

Love Letters from Alantiria‘– In these videos you will encounter channeled messages from Amber’s higher Self, Alantiria. You will encounter both teachings and insights about how to care very well for yourself from an expanded consciousness viewpoint. It is helpful to understand that you will also encounter Alantiria speaking in Light Language. Light Language, in very brief, is a highly encoded vibratory and resonant sound and movement expression that when encountered by the listener has effects for the complete energy system of the listener and viewer. (Amber offers Light Language in her healing and support sessions as well.)

‘Quantum Energy Lessons’— In these videos you will begin to understand how energy works on the planet, and indeed, in the cosmos relative to vibration and resonance. Each snippet offers foundational information that is closely related to the Universal Law of Attraction. The videos teach you a quantum mechanical everyday viewpoint that you can grow with and practice in a daily fashion to support your life on earth and beyond.

All of the videos are offered with deep love and respect for who you are and your path on earth. They align perfectly with Christ Consciousness & Unity Consciousness.

Yours in Light, Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed, Consciousness Teacher