Expanded Consciousness Resources

Here you will find a variety of expanded spirituality concepts that inform my life and healing work. While it has been powerful to work with teachers since the age of 25, my most potent learning has come from my own awakening, inquiry and dedication to practice. Trust your own intuition and direction implicitly. There exists no one path to connecting more deeply with yourself, who you truly are and of what you are capable. Allow your curiosity and imagination, innate to all human beings, to be your guide.

You may also find my YouTube Channel, Amber Chamberlain, Consciousness Teacher for my latest Teaching on Quantum Energy.

  1. About Chakras/The Chopra Center
  2. The Arcturians/Dr. Suzanne Lie
  3. The Pleiadians/Barbara Marciniak
  4. Love Has Won
  5. Sacred Geometry
  6. Sacred Geometry/Janosh Art
  7. Angel Messenger/Jill Harrison
  8. Angel Numbers
  9. Your Energetic Being/Caroline Myss
  10. Learn about Angels/Doreen Virtue
  11. The Seven Healing Rays of Light/Dr. Suzanne Lie
  12. Sage Goddess Gem Haven/Crystals & Stones for Healing
  13. Lee Harris Energy
  14. TipOff Global Energy Report/Elizabeth Peru
  15. Space Weather/NOAA
  16.  OM Times
  17. The Edgar Cayce Foundation
  18. Emmanuel Dagher
  19. The Spirit Library
  20. Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind
  21. Sounds True
  22. Dr. Andrew Weil
  23. Starseeds
  24. In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, Spiritual Database