About Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed.

Thanks in large part to the 2012 Awakening Event and the subsequent arrival of many new clair-sentience based awarenesses, I now know my multi-dimensional Self quite fully. My service to humanity is that of Unity Consciousness paired exquisitely with Christ Consciousness. And I am fully prepared to hold a mirror to you such that you too may respond the Call you are Now receiving to grow and expand beyond anything you had previously imaged to be true of yourself.

While I offer this individual insight work, I am also called to speak to groups of all sizes about what is now occurring on our Earth Mother, Gaia. If you have a local community group that is interested in this opportunity which includes a significant opportunity to answer your questions as they benefit the group I am pleased to discuss this with you.

 I was an Awakened Child by the age of seven and have been a student of the Mystery Schools and Healing Arts Practices all of my life inclusive of many Teachers. My conventional healing arts work was primarily provided to the mental health field as a Licensed Professional Counselor for both individual practice, hospitals, and the healthcare industry nationally for many years.

Join me weekly via my blog as I share my latest understanding and insight with you about being a highly conscious person living in the US suburbs. I will tell you what I see, hear, and feel. Because LOVE is really all that matters. And in case you think you are ‘the only one’, you will come to know there are many of us now, more than there have ever been. For this, I am immensely grateful. 

I offer individual Teaching via phone/Skype. I use highly developed consciousness capabilities inclusive of clairsentience and as a former  psychotherapist, I teach and assist you using intuitive insight and supportive techniques to help you create daily consciousness routines that support your well-being.

You can also find me on Facebook at Amber Chamberlain, Consciousness Teacher