About Amber Chamberlain, M.Ed.

This blog is provided for those of you who have been awakened to esoteric consciousness via many narratives which represents a very small but growing group within the larger consciousness-aware Collective. Those of your who arrive to this blog are highly aware beings, awakened or awakening Masters, who already have significant Service capability within the Unity & Christ Consciousness framework.

My mission is to be a place for practical daily living approaches in order to assist you to integrate the quantum leaps in your own experience. This unfoldment is a natural part of your blueprint design.

I was a very awake child and have been a student of the Mystery Schools and Healing Arts Practices all of my life inclusive of many Teachers. My conventional healing arts work was primarily provided to the mental health field as a Licensed Professional Counselor for both individual practice, hospitals, and the healthcare industry nationally for many years.

I offer individual Teaching via phone/Skype. I use highly developed consciousness capabilities inclusive of clairsentience and as a former  psychotherapist, I teach and assist you using intuitive insight and supportive techniques to help you create daily consciousness routines that support your well-being.

You can also find me on Facebook at Amber Chamberlain, Consciousness Teacher